NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)


Government agencies that handle classified information and other sensitive data, often are inhibited by cumbersome, wired networks and costly hardware solutions. In accordance, the National Security Agency (NSA) launched the Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC) Program. The CSfC solution architecture enables organizations to wirelessly transmit and store classified data using commercial-grade hardware and software technologies, eliminating the need for expensive, unintuitive classified equipment. Additional information is available at https://www.nsa.gov/CSfC

As an NSA Trusted Integrator, Ortman Consulting can help integrators and government agencies achieve high performing cost effective, secure infrastructure solutions based on CSfC capability packages.

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CSfC DAR Capability Statement

CSfC General Capability Statement (click icon to view pdf)

CSfC DAR Capability Statement

CSfC Data at Rest CipherDriveOne Capability Statement (click icon to view pdf)


Ortman Consulting, designated an NSA CSfC Trusted Integrator since 2016, helps its government customers meet NSA compliance requirements for the use wireless networks in the handling of classified data on commercial hardware while also providing protection for data at rest. We have supported over a dozen different CSfC implementations – from testing, trial, proof-of-concept, and full operational capability.

Ortman Consulting employs a highly secure, domain isolating, Xen-based virtual architecture, which allows for data to be encrypted IAW NSA’s Suite B encryption standard before it traverses an untrusted network or network of a lower classification. By leveraging this secure hypervisor platform, end users will have wireless access to multiple classification domains from a single mobile device (Laptop, Cell Phone, Tablet), giving senior military and civilian leaders access to classified networks wherever their day-to-day takes them.


CSfC Solution Design and Implementation

Our team keeps abreast of CSfC updates and technologies and can quickly design a compliant solution to suit you needs – complete with equipment and software specifications. We also have networking, DAR software/hardware, and mobile device configuration experts able to assist in configuring a solution end-to-end.

CSfC Solution Registration

CSfC solution registration can be a daunting prospect. We have templates and experts in crafting documentation the complies with NSA guidelines and has a higher likelihood of achieving the proper approvals

Hardware and Software Spec and Purchase

Our team and partner network can craft a list of approved hardware and software devices to accomplish a CSfC infrastructure solution and competitively source those components on behalf of the customer. This provides a “one stop shop” for building up a CSfC solution.


Ortman Consulting can design and implement a solution for your organization, applying our experience to ensure your data is protected, while also leveraging existing wireless infrastructure and public networks. While the benefits of a secure mobile access or data-at-rest solution are many, some key advantages are listed below:

  • Dramatic reduction in equipment costs through the use of network-based encryption technology
  • Simplified equipment handling/security procedures
  • Allows for US coalition partners to access classified information, without physically taking possession of Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI)
  • Enable WAN and wireless access (Wi-Fi and LTE) to classified information without the need for expensive, highly controlled hardware products