Ortman Consulting is an authorized SDVOSB reseller of KLC Group’s CipherDriveOne™ and CipherDrive2+ Full-Disk Encryption software. These products are the first Authorization Acquisition (AA) host encryption software solutions that meet NSA Data-at-Rest (DAR) and NIAP collaborative Protection Profiles (cPPs) for full disk encryption.
CipherDriveOne™ and CipherDrive2+ provide unparalleled protection to computers and servers using pre-boot disk locking. This software locks the entire hard drive – not just individual data files. NSA-grade encryption keys must be unlocked by an authorized account before the operating system, virtual machine, or any files stored on the protected disk can be read or executed. CipherDriveOne™ and CipherDrive2+ protect high-value, mobile, and deployed computing systems against unauthorized access, data theft, and privacy breaches.


  • Encryption – AES-256, FIPS PUB 197 specification
  • NIAP and Common Criteria FED Certification
  • Authentication Acquisition (AA) software
  • Compliant under collaborative Protection Profiles (cPP)
  • Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) supports booting and chain loading Open XT / SecureView.
  • PBA Admin and Management capabilities
  • 2-Factor / Multi-factor Authentication support
  • Support for CAC/PIV/CIV and SIPRNET cards and tokens
  • Cryptographic Erase (CE)
  • User Management module
  • TPM 2.0 support
  • Key Management – No recovery feature
  • Boot package for initial setup and implementation of solution

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