Application Portfolio Management

Applications form the lifeblood of any IT infrastructure.  They are the tools that employees and customers use, together with processes and policies, to generate value.  Help ensure your users have the tools they need to succeed while keeping application infrastructure budgets in check.

The dawn of “app stores” for mobile devices is increasing the speed at which home IT users adopt and incorporate applications in their lives.  App stores are becoming features on consumer desktops as well.  The ability to find and easily integrate an application on personal devices is becoming a standard more and more people wish to see in the office and from the businesses they interact with.

Ortman Consulting helps our clients make smarter decisions on what applications to provide your workforce and your customers – and how to provide them.  Use data driven tools to define what applications truly add value, and which are one-offs that can be replaced or consolidated to achieve savings and greater efficiency in your organization.  Incorporate repeatable portfolio managment practices for your application portfolio to ensure innovative tools can thrive while ensuring “deadwood” is periodically cleaned away.

We work with customers to automate and simplify the management of their applications through app virtualization and packaging.  These tools and methods help to drastically reduce application O&M, enhance infrastructure security and stability, all while allowing a greater diversity of applications that can be made available.

Services offered in application portfolio management include:

  • Application management maturity baseline – assess your current application portfolio and managment practices.  Identify quick wins for reducing costs and chart a path to greater service and efficiency in application services
  • Application virtualization support – architect and deploy an application virtualization infrastructure
  • Application lifecycle management – fully support application integration, install, deployment, upgrade and support in a virtualized environment
  • Application “company store” – architect and deploy a company “app store” for corporate applications.  Enable store access from corporate workstations, home (telecommuting) computers and/or mobile devices

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